Italy is unique for businesses seeking inspiration, making plans for the future, kick-offs, board and management events, anniversaries and business relationships.
Are you planning your business’s launch of a new brand?
Or do you need inspiration to foster enthusiasm and involvement among employees and customers?
Or is the focus to build culture in your business – get motivated and simply have some fun together?
Italy has a lot of unique experiences to offer!Art and culture, food and wine, the quality and the focus is a part of the country’s distinctive character and is the reason why companies come here from all over the world.
Italy is the place for new trends, new inspiration and new experiences. It is easily accessible and the country knows how to appreciate their guests and show their unique hospitality with style and elegance.
Corporate with style and pleasure isn’t the only framework surrounding your stay by Marthe Carrara, but the entire trip and the event that Marthe Carrara and my team take responsibility for. You are in touch with the same project leader throughout the planning process and this person will see the plan out from start to finish; from the initial idea of ​​where the event will be held and to the implementation itself. We will grab hold of the strings and take control. You will enjoy the results.
There are many opportunities throughout the entire year.

What do you want the theme and connecting thread to be throughout the event?

Let yourselves be inspired … and the next phase is that we agree on a meeting – we discuss further deeply what you want for your event, special needs and budget – Then we select the best place from our portfolio; this place becomes the base for the event and then we spice it up with activities and cuisine.
If you choose Italy for your coming up event – I’m sure it will give rise to good results when you’re back home.
Send me an email and we’ll agree on a meeting!