And I mean the very best!!!
Food & Wine is the main ingredient in any Italian Adventure.

The Italians are extremely proud of their food – and wine traditions. And every region has its unique specialties.
My goal is to offer you an event in a unique setting and with high quality food and wine. Wherever you are left with; an experience that you’ll talk about. For a long time.
I’ve spent much of my time visiting and selecting the best places – as a security for you. The very best restaurants – the finest vineyards – and where they produce the best wine.
With a uniquely large network, I am up to date on trends and award winners – and it’s not without reason that Italy can now proudly flutter with the world’s best restaurant; Osteria Francescana located in Modena.
Examples of what we can spice up the event with:
– Wine Building: a team-building activity discovering the world of wine in a different way: In amazingly inspiring surroundings, you get to make the company’s own label on the wine bottle – assemble grape varieties for a unique blend – develop a marketing campaign – selling strategy – and to top it off, a competition to find the company’s best wine!
– Kick-off event at one of Italy’s most prestigious wine estates
– Cooking classes with master chefs
– Pizza course with Italy’s most famous pizzaiolo
– A unique dining experience running through the streets of Milano
And there are many other possibilities … for everyone!
Let yourselves be inspired by Italian food and wine – that will be one of the success factors of your event!