Ciao! I am Marthe Carrara


– Norwegian by birth and have lived in Italy for almost 7 years and I know this lovely Mediterranean country from the inside-out.

With this website, I would like to convey the passion and commitment I have for my job – and make sure you experience the very best of Italy.
I have many years of experience in the business and have invested a lot of time to visit and select the places that I offer. I believe in creating good relationships with those who I’m working with – then, not only is everything possible to achieve, but we can make your travel experience truly unique – this is what you, my clients, will be able to feel!

I am competitive in terms of quality – not price.
Italy is truly an amazing country – that has it all! And it is a country that Norwegians thrive in!
I hope this website inspires you to contact me! I’d love to have a chat to hear what you want for the event – and from there we start planning what will turn out to be a memorable Italy event.

The experience you will talk about. For a long time.


Love what you do. Do what you love.


I love my job – and I get so involved and often touched when I see customers feeling good and getting more experiences than they could have ever expected beforehand. I am professional and grabs hold of things when needed. I am determined and work out the best conditions for my customers. Italy is an elongated country – and the culture varies from north to south. When I have an idea of what it is you wish to experience – I pick out the best that the country has to offer.