Italy is more popular than ever. And a great destination if you have something special to celebrate. Bring good friends and family along- and I will facilitate the unique atmosphere around the event.
We travel a lot and have changed the way we travel. Most of us have been to Italy one or more times – but will return. And we’re looking for more adventures and experiences, – outside of the tourist flow. We are connoisseurs in food & wine, we are picky about where we’ll stay and we will experience the essence of the Italian culture – feel that we are experiencing something unique and different.
– This is exactly what I can help you with!
Please contact me for a chat about coming to Italy – where I can get a complete picture of your desires are for the trip – and based on this, I will go with my best recommendations and offers.


Perhaps you have plans on getting married, or you want help finding those unique places for a memorable honeymoon in Italy?
I know many places and can help you to have your dream wedding in Italy come true.
I don’t offer standard wedding packages – but I tailor the event from the smallest detail, together with my team. The assumption is that the bride and groom want something special and unique.
– And for the honeymoon, I have a bunch of unique gems – the very best of all of Italy – where you can find your dream place.
Send me a request and together we will figure out what will be the perfect setting for the unique event!