Unique meeting places, settings and arenas for company development, value creation and sustainability

For 15 years, Marthe Carrara has been creating new and inspiring meeting places for corporate events, where important company strategies for the future are determined.

The pace of change in industry and commerce is constantly increasing, with many companies finding themselves at major crossroads and facing extensive reorganisation over the coming years. Adopting new ways of thinking, making the right choices and setting a new course can be difficult in your familiar and accustomed surroundings. It is our opinion, therefore, that business managers need new and inspiring meeting places and surroundings for determining important future strategies.

Marthe Carrara AS helps business managers and makes the arrangements for those good conversations in new and unique spaces and surroundings, ones that activate the creativity and energy needed to plan the road ahead, set the right course, adopt new ways of thinking, resolve challenges, provide motivation, unity and inspiration – and raise the level of discussion around the table.

Our hand-picked partners are invited to share their stories and experiences on company development, modernisation, value creation and sustainability in unique settings and arenas. Not only that, but we always offer the very best that Italy can provide in experiences, destinations, food and wine!

“Everything is set for the good conversation in unique settings, – our clients will return with renewed energy and motivation.”

Marthe Carrara

In totally unique settings

Marthe Carrara creates inspiring settings throughout the trip, allowing you to focus on the objective of your stay.

High-quality experiences

Marthe Carrara offers fabulous high-quality experiences, combined with the other professional and culinary ingredients of the trip.

An audience where few others are allowed in

Marthe Carrara is a well-known name and has built up a very special network in Italy.

Unique and inspiring meeting spaces

Marthe Carrara arranges meeting spaces that create the setting for that triggering factor.

Good conversations around the table

Marthe Carrara creates new spaces and lays the groundwork for those good conversations, where perhaps important decisions will be made.

Tasty culinary spaces

Marthe Carrara takes you to those hidden food and wine gems and to Italy’s finest eating places, and offers wine experiences in a class of their own.


Planning and implementing a trip so that it is relevant, productive and memorable to all who take part is an important task.

Whatever you choose, we take responsibility for everything, from planning to implementation. We draw up a detailed and clear plan for the entire trip, and we take care of all the details so that you can travel with shoulders down and concentrate on the business in hand. We deal with the logistics and coordination, allowing you to gain maximum benefit.

“Marthe Carrara creates new unique and inspiring spaces as a triggering factor for those good conversations, problem resolution and the way forward.”

Kåre Malo

«We are extremely happy with the implementation. We received fabulously good service, and the activities, restaurants and overnight stays met our expectations. Thank you so much for the trip to Italy and the arrangements. Everyone was delighted! We can safely recommend Marthe Carrara’s services to anyone else who is looking for a unique experience in Italy.»


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